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Sun, 2020-02-23 16:48

Mentors and mentees – "I would have specific questions today."

Mentors and mentees – "I would have specific questions today." Anita Molnár took over the management of the family business from her father about ten years ago. She had been managing director already for two or three years, when she applied for a mentorship program managed by the SEED Foundation. Then she wanted to gain knowledge about everything being part of how running a business, and she was particularly interested in how women entrepreneurs are managing their businesses. Now she knows that only specific questions may be meaningfully answered. What did your business deal with when you... Tovább
Sun, 2020-02-23 16:06

Mentors and mentees – Becoming from entrepreneur also to entrepreneur.

Mentors and mentees – Becoming from entrepreneur also to entrepreneur. Zoltán Fábián's grandparents have been already entrepreneurs, so it was no coincidence that by getting his first diploma he has been already working for the business of his family. After that no wonder he has his own family business with her wife and his 29 years older son. As a bike rider, he thinks that an entrepreneur needs to train a lot in his professional field and to know when to put the bar higher. Moreover, never give up! How did you become an entrepreneur and what kind of business or businesses do you have? We... Tovább
Sat, 2020-02-22 20:22

Mentors and mentees – Focus search

Mentors and mentees – Focus search Melinda Utasi is an analyzing and consulting type of person, however if it is needed in order to serve the development, she definitely declares unpleasant truths as well. She does not consider the failure and the difficulties being problems to be avoided by all means, rather events that we can learn from. How did you get into the business world? I started a construction business with my ex-husband even in 2004. I managed the financial affairs of the company together with business and financial planning. The enterprise is still running, and I am owner even... Tovább
Fri, 2020-02-21 17:58

Mentors and mentees – Bags and environmental protection.

Mentors and mentees – Bags and environmental protection. Boglárka Lay graduated as a cultural organizer and worked as a librarian for a long time, later on she became marketing assistant, market researcher and customer service assistant. After losing her job, she tried to get back into the labour market for a long time, but unsuccessfully. That's when she thought a big and started doing business. This year she was awarded by the title of Parent Company of the Year in two categories. In order to grow her business, she applied for the Personal Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program. How did your... Tovább
Thu, 2020-02-20 21:47

Mentors and mentees – Almost Family Circle.

Mentors and mentees – Almost Family Circle. Almost ten years ago, Tamás Kovács undertook quasi a difficult task when he applied as an outsider for a manager position, advertised by a well-run family business for more than a decade and a half. First, he became director of finance, later general manager, taking over the latter position from one of the family members, the older boy. It was only seemingly difficult because the handover / takeover of work took place under clear and unequivocal conditions, instead of frequent debates on such occasions, such were the circumstances thereafter as well... Tovább
Mon, 2020-02-10 18:58

Mentors and Mentees - "I am very inspired by the success of others."

Mentors and Mentees "I am very inspired by the success of others." Ágnes Patonai had seen a living entrepreneur before she graduated from college, since her father had a well-established enterprise dealing with low-voltage. However, as she was fascinated by quality management, after graduating, she thought she wanted to work for a company dealing with introduction and development of quality management systems. However, she quickly realized that being an employee was not invented for her, so after a couple of attempts she established her own, and since then successful, company. Before becoming... Tovább
Mon, 2020-02-10 18:55

Mentors and Mentees - "According to the law you are just as entrepreneur as anyone else."

Mentors and Mentees "According to the law you are just as entrepreneur as anyone else." Two years after the 2008 economic crisis, Gabriella Sőrés gave up a well-paid, secure job for a multinational company to realize her dreams as entrepreneur. Many of her friends tried to dissuade her from the change, but her husband and parents supported her purposes. In 2013, he participated as a mentee in the SEED Foundation's MENTOR-NET program in order to develop her company by having already entrepreneurial self-confidence and gaining new professional skills. How did you become an entrepreneur and what... Tovább
Mon, 2020-02-10 18:51

Mentors and mentees - „If I start something, I do it to the end.”

Mentors and mentees „If I start something, I do it to the end.” Andrea Tóth is a dynamic, determined, socially sensitive woman, a real entrepreneur. She has three children, runs many businesses, and is now participating in a second mentoring program as a mentor. When asking her how to meet these many needs, requirements and tasks, she answers: „"If I can do what I like, it does not take away energy from me, but it gives me energy." Have you ever been employee with your habits? I was, but only for a very short time. I started my career in health care as a midwife, but this period was very... Tovább



Personal consultancy on general enterprise development

Our Foundation offers personal consultancy to practicing and to future entrepreneurs on practical issues of enterprise development. The consultants are at the disposal of our clients at an agreed time – to prepare for this please fill in the online consultancy questionnaire.

The fee of personal consultancy is 5000 HUF + VAT/hour for private persons and NGOs and 8000 HUF + VAT/hour for enterprises. If you have other questions on consultancy, please contact us by e-mail: tanacsadas@seed.hu

Preparing a business plan with visual business modelling

The main goal of our services in this area is to consider jointly the business model of your enterprise – be it a planned, a start-up or an existing enterprise – and to prepare the business plan you need. The service is based on a new globally used business planning methodology, the "Business Model Canvas", in which all important elements of an enterprise and their relations are visually processed and analysed.

Our modelling service includes a preliminary assessment and individual agreement and is implemented in a workshop with group-work (6-12 persons) in a one-day training-type of workshop and individual consultancy on request. If you are interested in our modelling services please contact us through the online data sheet.

Business planning by a business planner

With the help of an online business planner called "Vállalkozásindító" (Start up the enterprise) our Foundation offers help to all those entrepreneurs who seek advice in building up their own business plan in an autonomous and systematic manner. The application "Vállalkozásindító" can be used at a preferential price through our Foundation combined with personal consultancy. If you are interested, please contact us through theonline data sheet

Accredited training courses

"All what women entrepreneurs have to know, to learn and to do" - 90 hours training course

This is a highly successful training course with a past of more than 9 years and has helped more than 500 women to start a career as entrepreneurs. Within the frame of the accredited training course of 90 hours participants get an insight into theory and improve the acquired knowledge through situational plays and group exercises. On the last day of the training course the participants can test their knowledge in practice: they will present their business plans to the others and discuss them jointly. Individual work and preparation is also important in this form of training; we offer online sources to this. The training programme comprises of a 60 hours practical training block and 30 hours theory and individual work. The training course starts with at least 20 fee-paying participants. Please contact us through the online data sheet.

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"Our mission is to promote the sustainable economy and equal opportunities by developing an ethical, conscious and effective entrepreneurial attitude."

The Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) was founded in 1990 by entrepreneurial representative groups, higher education institutions, financial institutions and ministries. According to the objectives of the founders, the organisation started its operation aiming to broaden the knowledge base of entrepreneurs and to develop a sound entrepreneurial culture and environment in Hungary. Due to its activity SEED has gained a so called public status in 1998. Depending on our clients' needs - besides enterprise development - part of our work is to strengthen the NGO sector and support civil organisations. In 2003 the former Ministry of Employment Policy and Labour acknowledged the outstanding efforts of the Foundation performed in the field of equal opportunities, and in the same year we became an accredited adult education centre. Our quality environmental management system has MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 international certificate for the activities of adult education, consulting, research and event organisation.


 Our objectives are to:

  • Improve the Hungarian entrepreneurial culture, broaden the professional knowledge of entrepreneurs, enhance the competitive capacities of small enterprises.
  • Support deprived and minority groups in playing a more determinate role.


  • Ministry for Innovation and Technology
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists
  • Merkantil Bank
  • Hungarian Association of Craftmen’s Corporations
  • Hungarian Industrial Association
  • National Association of Merchants and Caterers
  • National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers - Corvinus University of Budapest

 Board Members and SC

  • Chair of Board: Kármen Dr. BILLO 
  • Board Members: Rita Dr. SZÉP-TÜSKE, Gábor Árpád KŐSZEGI, Béla VÖRÖS, Zsolt István NAGY, Tamás Móró
  • Supervisory Committee: László Ferenc SOLTÉSZ (chair), Eszter PURCZELD, Endréné SZÁMADÓ
  • Auditor: István TOLNAI
  • Gratitude and love we keep the memory of: dr. Ágnes TIBOR (CEO), Péter SZIRMAI (board member),
    Teréz LAKI (chair of Board), Ágnes VAJDA (board member),
    Imre GÁSPÁR (board member), Imre SÁNDOR (chair of Supervisory Committee) és Anna HORVÁTH (Managing Director, Quality Control Manager, Adult Education Manager).


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Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED)

 Address: H-1024, Budapest, Rómer Flóris u. 22-24. V. em. 15.
 Telefon/fax: +36 (1) 212-2179
 E-mail: seed@seed.hu


VAT number: 19014812-2-41
Bank Account Number: 11702036-20721866 (OTP Bank)
IBAN: HU16 1170 2036 2072 1866 0000 0000
ABAE Institutional Accreditation Registration Number: 0378
Adult Education Registration Number: 01-0147-04